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Dear Dr. Saylor and Staff,
I cannot thank you all enough for treating me so respectfully and kindly. For the first time in more than 30 years, I feel like I am being taken seriously and I am not fearful of coming to see you. The first week of June I decided to begin treatment with you because my 3-year-old niece and my husband were coming to you with amazing results. Your KST treatment has been a miracle for me. Even after only 12 treatments I was about 70% better than I was the first day I started seeing you. Now after about 6 more treatments I am about 90% better. Within the first month of treatment I started sleeping deeply through the night, so soundly, I not only don’t hear a sound during the night, I am sleeping through the alarm in the morning. I have been suffering from an extremely long list of very painful and often scary symptoms, that not one medical doctor could find the cause for. I was always treated as the hysterical woman who was a hypochondriac. I have lost count of all of the medical tests, many invasive, that came back negative. Every time being told I was fine. Then why was I in pain with all these symptoms that could not be explained? Five years ago our previous chiropractor told me to get an MRI of my neck and finally I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and basically having no discs in my neck between C5,C6 and C7. One of my root nerves, to my left arm, was so severely pinched they thought it may have been severed. I finally had the reasons for all the suffering. After surgery I was told that my spine couldn’t tolerate the regular chiropractic adjusting anymore. The adjustments never seemed to  really hold for me no matter how often I went. I was left to suffer and take drugs to mask all the symptoms and pain I still had. The dark circles and bags under my eyes, from years of no real sleep, are disappearing, the trouble swallowing, blurry vision, stomach problems, indigestion, constipation, headaches, head pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, the painful muscle tightness, leg pain, foot pain, hissing and ringing in my ears, numbness and too many more symptoms to list them all, have almost gone away. I know now, that soon, I will be basically symptom free. Never, ever, did I think that this was possible for me to have even one day with this much relief, let alone be symptom free every day. I am more grateful to you and KST than I can ever express in words. I would scream it from the rooftops, how you and KST have helped me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely,

~ D. Angelo, Sterling Heights

I would highly recommend Dr. Anna Saylor-Wither to anyone who has had a hip and/or shoulder replacement. She specializes in the KST Technique where the doctor uses an adjusting instrument to correct the position of the bones, muscles, and ligaments. This technique has proven to be VERY successful for me and has improved my mobility, balance, and strength. This technique keeps my hips and lower back aligned due to the doctor’s order of very specific adjustments. She is compassionate and kind, and takes the time to listen to what the patient has to say. I cannot describe how great my experience with this doctor and her entire staff has been. Many thanks for all the great care! Thank you.

~ Pam K, Sterling Heights

I was referred to Dr Anna M. Saylor at Van Every Chiropractic by a family friend. I am 9 years old and was having issues with sleeping/sleepovers due to school anxiety for 4 months prior to going to see Dr Saylor Prior to seeing Dr Saylor I had tried going to counseling for my issues, but it didn’t help my issues completely. After my first visit to Dr Saylor I noticed a change in my life right away. I have been going to see Dr Saylor for the past 2 months. In this two month time period I have not had any issues with sleeping and my anxiety is gone. I also just had a 4 day sleep over at my grandmas house and did great. I continue to see Dr Saylor every 2 weeks to keep my anxiety under control. I also play soccer and injured my knee the day before my first visit. She adjusted my knee and I haven’t had any issues with my knee since. I would highly recommend the Van Every Family Chiropractic center to everyone, they are a great group of people and an awesome team. I absolutely love going and getting adjusted.

~ Emilee C, Royal Oak

Before I began chiropractic care, I was constantly seeing my general doctor and rheumatologist because of my arthritis, which was affecting my hands, knees and hips. I didn’t have much energy, and I felt like my quality of life was not what I wanted it to be. As soon as I began getting adjusted, I noticed small but steady improvement.
It has now been about 9 months, and I am so happy with my progress. I am enjoying things that I had given up due to my arthritis pain (Pilates, gardening, working around the house), and I feel like I am making progress every day. I truly believe that chiropractic has played a big role in this improvement. I have also used massage therapy and physical therapy as part of my program, and I believe that the combination of these activities are what has allowed me to return to doing the things I love.
The doctors and the entire staff have been so wonderful, so helpful, and so understanding of “the big picture” and have done everything they can to help me get my health back, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you!

~ Kristyn B, Royal Oak, MI

melissaI was referred to Dr. Anna Saylor and Van Every Chiropractic Center by my aunt. I didn’t know much about chiropractic care before I visited the Royal Oak clinic. I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and friendliness of their staff. It didn’t take me long to feel like a part of the family! When I started my treatment I had headaches from grinding my teeth at night, lower back pain and neck pain. Through Koren Specific Technique (KST) Dr. Saylor has helped me feel so much better and I learned a lot about what chiropractic can do! I had no idea they could even adjust babies and children. I am a runner and will continue to be happy, healthy and pain-free with Dr. Saylor’s care!

~ Melissa B., Royal Oak, MI

In November 2003, our son, William (then 12 years old) began complaining of headaches and dizziness. After many weeks I finally took him to our primary care physician. His lymph nodes were enlarged, but he had no fever or any other symptoms. The medical doctor prescribed an antibiotic. After 10 days William was still complaining of headaches, ear pain and dizziness. They drew blood on the second visit to the doctor. All blood work came back normal, but William was still not feeling well. After a 3rd visit to the primary care physician they referred us to an ear, nose, throat doctor, who prescribed another antibiotic. William was tested at the ear, nose, throat that did not have an answer to the problem. He wanted more blood work done. This blood work also came back normal but they thought it might be mononucleosis and prescribed another antibiotic. Not getting any relief we returned to eh ENT who sent us to an ear specialist. Our appointment at the Michigan Ear Institute showed that William may be suffering from migraines. He recommended a diet to follow. Hearing “migraine” I immediately thought of the chiropractor. I’ve heard many people seeking chiropractic treatment to relieve migraines.
We came to Van Every Family Chiropractic January 9th, 2004. It was here that we discovered William’s headaches and dizziness stemmed from a neck injury he sustained on a trampoline back in mid October 2003. After seeing Dr. Saylor, Will got immediate relief. In William’s words “I feel like a million bucks!”
We are so thankful to Dr. Saylor and her staff at Van Every Chiropractic for their genuine concern for Will’s well-being. Its always a pleasure to go there.

~ Fred & Nancy M., Royal Oak, MI

Before coming to see Dr. Saylor, I was suffering from chronic headaches and low back pain. She has mad a tremendous difference in my life. My head and back are much better and now she sees all three of my children. She has helped them with headaches, asthma and with reflux. They love to come and will usually tell me when they “need to see Dr. Saylor”. I would and do highly recommend Van Every Chiropractic to everyone. The staff is friendly and so helpful.

~ Tracey F., Southfield, MI

Before my treatment with Dr. Saylor, I was depressed and it was hard to sit or stand for long periods of time. Now I feel great every day and can be productive in my every day life. I have better posture and no stress on my neck. I would recommend this treatment to everyone. It really works. I would also like to add, the staff is wonderful!

~ Mary P., Warren, MI

I love the staff and the doctors at Van Every Chiropractic Center! I started coming and just bringing my two kids, at the time 2 and 7. The two year old had a history of ear infections. Since seeing the doctors and staff at Van Every he has not had one infection and it has been over two years. Both suffered with allergies and constant runny noses every fall. They no longer have those issues either. I switched chiropractors for myself after seeing how progressive the doctors and the staff are in preventive measures for our overall health. I suffer from neck and back pain as well as arthritis in my knees. Dr. Saylor uses the Koren Specific Technique (KST) which has been a life saver for me. No hard manipulations. Van Every Family Chiropractic Center is truly a family friendly place!

~ Rose E., Sterling Hts, MI

I’ve been a patient at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center since 2000 and an employee since 2005. When I had my son in May of 2007 I had to have a cesarean. The day after he was born he was adjusted and continued to be adjusted on a consistent basis. He had a lot of digestive problems and we found out that he was allergic to milk, soy and wheat. I got him adjusted about 2 to 3 times a week and it made such a difference in his attitude, the colic stopped and made this digestive system regular. Aiden is now 2 years old and has NEVER had an ear infection. I believe it’s because he gets adjusted often. He still continues to get adjusted weekly with Dr. Saylor’s technique KST. It is a non abrasive technique that Aiden loves.

~ Melissa P., Woodhaven, MI

I found Van Every Chiropractic and Dr. Anna Saylor when I was pregnant with my first child in 2003. I was suffering from extreme back and leg pain and didn’t trust just anyone to work on me. The fact that she had extra training in children and maternity patients helped me make the decision to visit her and I did not regret it. She helped to correct the problems I was having and even offered to come to the hospital to see me after over 30 hours of labor. I seen her the day after I came home and had her do an exam on our baby girl that same day. She has been a life saver for me and my family. My husband was involved in a car accident and suffers from leg pain, neuropathy, headaches, and chronic back pain. His visits to Van Every Chiropractic help him to deal with the day to day activities. Also when I get a migraine that will not go away, I know where to go and that is Van Every Chiropractic. I let them work on all of my family and have been very happy to refer them to friends and family. Everyone at Van Every Chiropractic is kind and understanding and they go out of their way to make you feel better. Even if I did not live in the Royal Oak area I would drive to see Dr. Saylor and Van Every Chiropractic.

~ Gwendolyn M., Royal Oak, MI

I would like to tell you about how great Dr Saylor is. I was born on September 2, 2009, and my Mommy, who has been a long-time patient of Dr. Saylor, continued to get regular adjustments during her pregnancy. In fact, at 36 weeks the doctor told my parents that I was breech and if I didn’t turn within the next week they were going to try to turn me, a process that is only successful about 50% of the time. It could be very painful for my Mommy and stressful for me. If that didn’t work, they were going to have to schedule a C-section. My Mommy told Dr. Saylor this at her next appointment and was adjusted appropriately; that night I turned. My Mommy was also adjusted two days before her water broke, and despite an epidural, which can slow labor, she experienced a first labor and delivery that was hours faster than average. Things got a little scary right before I was born. My heart rate became irregular and slow, and my Mommy’s heart rate was very high. The doctor told my parents that if I wasn’t born in 15 minutes, she was going to have to use forceps. Despite not being close to delivery, my Mommy had me 17 minutes later. The doctor was shocked that I was born so quickly; however, my Mommy believes that being properly aligned, along with some intense pushing, is what allowed me to move quickly, and she is so relieved that forceps were not necessary.
Dr. Anna Saylor at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center is not the first chiropractor to treat my Mommy, but she is the only one she would have entrusted with our care while she was pregnant. Since she became a patient at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, she says she will never go anywhere else. She is absolutely confident in their abilities and knows that Dr. Saylor is responsible, careful, trustworthy, and committed to providing nothing but the best care possible. She also has a stellar office staff, all of whom are fun, friendly and wonderful to deal with.
My parents and I live in Troy, and we think if you live in or anywhere around Royal Oak, you should give Van Every Family Chiropractic Center a try. You won’t find better chiropractors anywhere else!

~ Malin B., Troy, MI

I was referred to Van Every Chiropractic Center by my parents. I had been experiencing neck and lower back pain, stress, anxiety and IBS daily for six years. The pain was pretty sever; I was unable to work out and sitting or standing for long periods of time was out. This was incredibly frustrating! I had been to other chiropractors, doctors and physical therapists with no luck. I was having trouble falling asleep. It affected work because I needed to move around often or I had to stand during meetings. I wanted to continue my spin classes but couldn’t; the pain was just too great. After coming to Van Every, all of that has changed! My first impression of the office was that it was comfortable and the staff was very welcoming. Both my adjustment and my exam were painless, plus I slept well for the first time in a long time. My adjustments since then have been great! KST brought up a lot of emotional layers in the first few months, which had led to less pain, less often. The biggest thing I’ve gotten from KST adjustment is that for years I was concerned about not being able to get pregnant. I was told I would need intervention in order to conceive. After five months of being adjusted I was very excited to discover I was pregnant! I now am less anxious, have less back pain even while pregnant. KST is chiropractic care that can help with things you didn’t even know were causing problems. Anyone who is hesitant about visiting a chiropractor should know that they have nothing to lose! You can regain your health—you have a life to get back!

~Allison M., Madison Heights

My son, Nathan has been seeing Dr. Saylor for about 5 months now. We could not be happier with the results. Nate has suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for the last 2 ½ years. Nate’s problems started around 1 year of age, after he went off formula and onto whole milk, we noticed him struggling to have bowel movements. At that time his pediatrician recommended trying lactose free or silk milk. Several months after being on lactose free milk, we still saw no improvement. We went on to see a GI specialist at Children’s Hospital. The doctor there put him on medication (laxative) and ran some tests to rule out any other medical conditions. The doctor said that the problems he was having would not get better over night and that it could take months or even years. The doctor also said to change his diet to a high fiber diet. I did the best I could, but those who have children know how hard it is to have a 2 year old eat only certain foods. A year later there was little improvement. We went back to the GI specialist, had more tests done and more medications to try.
It was now another year later and still no changes. In the fall of 2009, I took Nate to his regular pediatrician for his wellness exam. I told the doctor that Nate still struggles several times a day to have bowel movements, so he took some X-rays and revealed that his little body was full of stool. Nate was only having bowel movements once a week; sometimes once every two weeks! Dr. Saylor was wonderful with Nate! He was so afraid of doctors at this point, but she took the time to talk to him and explain how the KST device works. She even let him change the different tools as she worked on him. The jungle room is awesome! It makes the “doctor’s office” a fun place to go!
It took only eight weeks, going 2-3 times each week, to see improvement with Nate’s bowel issues. He now knows when he has to go and feels so much better. Nate is doing so well that we know see Dr. Saylor about once a month just to make sure that he’s feeling well and that everything is moving through like it should. I would highly recommend Van Every Family Chiropractic Center and Dr. Saylor to anyone!

~ Crystal D., Warren, MI

I started attending traditional chiropractic visits a year ago after I was injured in a car accident. I knew nothing about this type of treatment but enjoyed learning about the benefits it could have on my body. As much as I enjoyed the immediate relief that it provided, four days later, I experienced all the same symptoms returning. I sought out KST Koren Specific Technique after reading about it in the office. Although KST does not provide that “immediate” relief that traditional chiropractic does, it seems to allow my body to work on fixing itself hours after receiving a treatment. Typically within a few hours after receiving a treatment, I will experience increased range of motion and my body feels an overall sense of calmness. Dr. Anna Saylor of Van Every Family Chiropractic Center has been great and I have enjoyed learning from her the importance of allowing your body to heal itself. I only return for maintenance visits every few weeks and even when my neck gets tight, KST allows my body to read the signs and start working on fixing itself.

~ Lindsay L., MS, OTR, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Royal Oak, MI

I firmly believe that my regular visits to Van Every Chiropractic has not only improved my health, but I stay healthy while others fall ill during cold and flu season. I’ve been receiving regular KST sessions since Dr. Saylor brought the technology to her practice. Not only is the explanation of why it works logical to me – I feel a physical difference after each treatment. Thank you Van Every Chiropractic for keeping me healthy!

~ Christine C., Royal Oak, MI

I was first referred to Dr. Saylor for back and foot pain. I have since discovered how chiropractic medicine in general and KST in particular has improved my overall health and vitality.

~ Steve M., Fraser, MI

melissaMy family and I have been going to Van Every Chiropractic for about 1 year. We wanted a chiropractic center that would not only help us, but our children as well. I have been very happy with the treatment that my family has been receiving. I used to receive chiropractic treatment when I was living in Cadillac, and was very happy with my doctor. However, I had a bad experience with another chiropractor, and after I moved to the metro Detroit area I decided not to continue with chiropractic treatments. Then, I was talking to my neighbor about her chiropractor, and how she specializes in children. I watched as my husband and children got adjusted, and finally decided to give it a try. I am now so glad that I did.
melissa's children
I have been receiving KST treatment from Dr. Saylor, and I find it gentle but effective. At first I was a little skeptical, because I have been used to traditional treatments in the past. However, I have found that KST works very well. When I first went in for an adjustment, I had some terrible neck pain. Within an hour, the pain had mostly subsided. Within a few days I was back to normal. I have also always dealt with chronic back discomfort, but I find that it is not as prevalent now that I have been.
More importantly, I have seen it help my two children, who are 3 and 5. I do not get nervous when they get an adjustment. The clinic is also very family friendly. I love all of the different festivals that they run through the year. We try to go to them all. The kids have fun, and they walk out with lots of goodies. In fact, at one my daughter won a portable dvd player. Also, whenever we walk in, all of the staff make my girls feel like they are the most important people in the world. All of the staff is fantastic, and make us feel like family. I would recommend Van Every Chiropractic to anyone!

~ Melissa B., Sterling Hts., MI

santa claus
Visiting Dr. Anna Saylor and all the good little girls at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center helped me to be able to deliver all the presents and be at my jolliest last Christmas. This year, I am going to send all of the elves too!

~ Santa Claus, North Pole

What can I say but a big “Thank You” to Van Every and Dr. Anna Saylor. I spent 3 years in pain from being on steroids for 8 months and couldn’t walk or stand in one place for very long before I would have to sit down. My husband would try to convince me to go see a Chiropractor but I was afraid of someone “cracking my bones” (sorry Dr. Saylor). I met Dr. Saylor at the Royal Oak business expo and was impressed by her knowledge and compassion. She promised she would talk me through each phase of treatment and would not do anything I was uncomfortable with. Well I am glad I did. She was gentle and explained everything she did and after the first adjustment I could not believe how much better I felt. It took a while to get me back to normal but boy was it worth it. Fast forward 8 years…..I now have a job where I am on my feet walking 7 1/2 hours a day and bending over patients beds taking blood and I don’t think I could do it without my weekly adjustments. Dr. Saylor has been using the KST on me now and I will have to say it’s working! It’s helped me with my allergies and the sinus pain I get and believe it or not it’s helped my hot flashes ease up. Thank You Dr. Saylor.

~ Sandy B., Royal Oak, MI

Before coming to see the Doctor my lower back and neck were in constant pain. Getting out of bed in the morning was often a difficult and painful occurrence each day. I recently had a severe case of heartburn and indigestion as well. Since I have been receiving chiropractic care my heartburn and indigestion has basically gone away. Since receiving care I have also noticed that I have more energy and I don’t hurt now every morning getting out of bed. The staff, at Van Every Chiropractic are great and I have enjoyed all my visits.

~ Chad L., Royal Oak, MI


I was experiencing back pain from the base of my neck to my tailbone, especially between my shoulder blades and lower back. Whenever I tried to exercise or was on my feet for a period of time, my lower back felt like it was on fire. Since I started chiropractic care at Van Every Chiropractic, the pain is my lower back has disappeared and I now enjoy walking and going on field trips with my kids. Dr. Saylor and the entire staff are friendly and welcoming. This is one of the best things that I have done for my health and wellbeing.

~ Pauline R., Royal Oak, MI

Before chiropractic care, I had a sore spot on my spine and had a lot of lower back and shoulder pain. Now, I feel great! I have little to no pain and feel healthier overall. I often have a lot of sinus problems and colds and I have had much less of that since beginning chiropractic care. Van Every Chiropractic has been wonderful! From the very first time I came in, I have felt very welcomed. They are extremely friendly and helpful all of the time!

~ Amber S., Royal Oak, MI

I had pulled my lower back out, and was in excruciating pain. I wasn’t able to get in on Saturday, so I couldn’t get in until Monday morning. For two days I had trouble walking, sitting, moving much and sleeping. The pain was always with me. I was taking pain medication with little results. Monday morning after the adjustment the pain was gone. I was still a little sore, but it was like night and day difference. My movement was restored. I even had a headache that Dr. Saylor tended to, and it was gone! I can’t express my thanks and confidence I have for the doctors at Van Every Chiropractic. It totally changed my body. I was out of alignment; without an adjustment it wouldn’t have changed.

~ Mahlon O., Royal Oak, MI

Since I have been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, I have felt like a new woman. I have not experienced any of the stiff necks or acute muscle spasms that plagued me before discovering the Van Every Family Clinic. The adjustments are painless and I feel that I am doing something good for my body, rather than take the pain medication or muscle relaxers, which is what my physician usually prescribed.

~ Patricia W., Bloomfield Hills, MI

dianeBack in 2007, I read a book that stated that everyone should have a Naturopath and a chiropractor in addition to your MD. I was becoming more open-minded towards chiropractors (I was always afraid of them) so I decided to start the search. I started asking friends and co-workers where they went, but it was too far away from my house. So I searched on line and found one right by my house. When I called to find out the exact location, I said, “Do you mean the one with the pretty lavendaer brick wall in front?” When they said yes, I knew it was meant to be. I always drove by the building, admired the brick wall and wondered what it was. It was fate!
I had my first visit at the Van Every Family Chiropractic Center in 2007. I always had chronic lower back pain so I was hoping that seeing a chiropractor would help. The office staff was so welcoming and kind, I felt right at home. Dr. Saylor was wonderful. She answered so many questions and really put me at ease. I noticed a difference in my back pretty quickly. Dr. Saylor started using the KST technique on me at the end of 2008; it’s amazing! My back is so much better than it used to be. I truly believe in chiropractic care now and I have the Van Every Family Chiropractic Center to thank for that! I recently told a co-worker about Van Every and now she is going and loves it!
Thanks to Dr. Saylor and the staff at Van Every!

~ Diane B., Royal Oak, MI

Plantar Fasciitis has been aggravating my walking on and off for 5 years. Getting up and moving around would ruin my morning. I would frequently desire to stay at my desk at work and avoid stairs. I was treated with compassion at my first visit to Van Every. I noticed the office when I would drive by it. I noticed the sign and the events going on. Since I’ve been going to Van Every, I’ve noticed that my back problems have lessened. Also, I feel great about having my kids adjusted with KST—it is gentle on kids and pain free for kids and adults.

~Erica D., Royal Oak, MI

eveleenThe treatments have helped me a lot. I have no pain only when I walk too far in my lower back and hips. When I sit down they go away and I sleep much better and no pain in my upper back and shoulders.

~ Eveleen L., Clawson, MI

I am a 39 year old mother with two kids, ages seven and nine. For twenty-five years, on and off, I have had headaches, neck and lower back pain, sciatica, stress and sleeplessness. If I lifted something heavy or stood for too long, the symptoms would be irritated. I found this annoying. It would occasionally affect my work, chores, and hobbies. I have tried other chiropractors before and was referred to Van Every Chiropractic by a friend. My first visit was awesome! I liked the very gentle KST technique, the exam was great. The adjustment felt wonderful. It is now much easier to function and I able to do more things. Because of KST I am able to do more with my kids. I can also go running which I was unable to do before. I have also notice that I’m sleeping better, feeling stronger and less stressed out. Standing, working, and bending are all easier to do now, too. The Van Every office is very friendly—you are greeted by name when you walk in and the Jungle Room is great for kids! The Doctors are knowledgeable and can help with many problems. Since beginning chiropractic for my children, they never visit the pediatrician except for their wellness visits.

~ Melissa B., Sterling Heights, MI

My experience at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center has been excellent. The entire staff works in a professional manner and the services are first-rate. All patients are shown courtesy and respect. I suffered with severe shoulder and neck pain when I first started coming to the office. Since having regular adjustments I have next to no shoulder pain and very little problems with my neck. I have gone from 8 – 12 ibuprofen per day to none. In addition, I have much better flexibility and generally feel so much better. I would tell anybody who is considering chiropractic care that it is certainly worth it. I feel blessed to be in Dr. Saylor’s care.

~ Angela S., Belleville, MI

carley and aiden My name is Carley Berry, I am 27 years old and have been a patient of Dr Saylor’s since I was 19 years old. My first appointment I had made because I had slept on my neck wrong and couldn’t seem to get rid of the pinched nerve in my neck. Much to my relief, it almost immediately helped!!! I definitely felt a HUGE difference within minutes of my adjustment. Ever since then anytime I’d feel a little blah or off I’d call to see Dr Saylor and I’d feel great!!!
The most I’ve come to being “sick” is with my allergies….I had definitely waited way too long in between adjustments, but it didn’t take any time to get back on track!!
I’d probably be a verrry miserable person without the adjustments because most people take some sort of medication to help with their allergies and sinuses. Unfortunately with me being pregnant with my second son, I don’t get to take anything!!! Lucky me! Yes very much lucky me with my adjustments because they actually help cure my problem, not just mask it with the over the counter drugs!!
My first son Aidan, who is 1 1/2 years old, also sees Dr Saylor on a regular basis as well. He has been her patient since he was 3 months old. When I first brought him in, he had been spiting up his formula quite a bit. Come to realize he had a high set diaphragm. With a few adjustments it subsided and he’s been the most happy go-lucky baby ever since!! I still to this day get soooo many compliments on how happy and great Aidan is….and all I say to them is “That’s because he’s a Chiropractic Baby!!!” and I proceed to tell them about Dr Saylor, in hopes they too will become a patient and see I’m really not crazy!!
I do want to thank all the ladies at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, you’re all fabulous!!! Keep up the great work!! And as well as Dr Saylor, you ladies definitely are keeping myself and Aidan happy!!!! Thank You.

~ Carley and Aidan B., Troy, MI

I was having shoulder and neck pain and stiffness and discomfort in my hips, and a minor sinus problem. Chiropractic care has corrected my neck/shoulder pain, hips are aligned and I have no discomfort. Rarely do I have a sinus problem but if I do, one adjustment usually takes care of it. Dr. Saylor is great. I’m very comfortable getting adjustments done in her office and now feel very good about chiropractic care. I really trust Dr. Saylor and her staff.

~ Carol L., Royal Oak, MI

carole Earlier this year, I experienced pretty severe lower back pain and hesitated to visit my internist because I really didn’t want to take paid medication or muscle relaxants. In desperation I called Van Every Chiropractic and was given almost an immediate appointment. Dr. Saylor and the entire staff have been very helpful (working @ my sporadic schedule) and over the course of this year I have experienced very quick relief of my L.B.P and have been working on the “stressed” neck and shoulder area- which I had pretty much learned to live with- but now because I have experienced relief in that area as well, I am pretty quick to raise the red flag when I feel “tight” in that area.

~ Carole W., Royal Oak, MI

When I came to Dr. Saylor I could barely walk and was in terrible pain with back and hip problems. With Dr. Saylor’s treatment I am able to go for walks and lead an active life. Not only does Dr. Saylor keep me healthy but the “family” caring at Van Every is so wonderful.

~ Char L., Troy, MI

ellie and hannah I like Dr. Saylor because she helps me with my back and my neck so that I feel better. She seems to really like when we come as well as the other people too. I also like how she painted the Jungle Room, it is fun.

~ Ellie K. (6 yrs old), Roseville, MI

I like Van Every because the people are very nice. They let me use the white board, and we get to be in the “jungle room”. I love all of the dogs. I also like all the stuffed animals and best of all I love Dr. Saylor.
Love your favorite friend,

~ Hannah K. (8 yrs old), Roseville, MI

I have been going to Van Every Family Chiropractic Center for a few years. I have been adjusted by Dr. Saylor and she is very gentle when adjusting. I had really bad back pain and no longer have to go around suffering from pain in my back and hips. The office staff is very friendly and helpful to get you in anytime you need to come in. If you are looking for a Chiropractor there is the place to go and get excellent care.
God is in control of all things.

~ Judy H., Hazel Park, MI

My name is Kathy. I am 61 years old and here is my story. I’ve had M.S since 2004. My symptoms are awful balance and a lot of pain throughout my body. I fell April 15, 2008 flat on my face, broke my nose, fractured my left wrist and created a small crack on my left ankle. Today I wear an ankle brace, a knee brace, and a wrist brace too!! I worked in a factory for 40 years and I was involved in a lot of very heavy lifting that I am really paying for now!!! I admit when I watched Dr. Saylor work her magic with that little gun I said I really don’t think she can help me. Well, today on May 8, 2009 I feel too good for words!! I no longer take any pain pills. I can sleep well and what a joy it is to not wake up in pain everyday! It’s fast and pain free and she and her staff are all just GREAT! What could it hurt to give her a try?
Blessings to all,

~ Kathy K., Rochester Hills, MI

Hugs to all of you who work there. You are all an asset to the community.

~ Vonnie M., St. Clair Shores, MI


My name is Lisa H. and I want to recommend Van Every Family Chiropractic Center. I had horrible back pain and sciatica from a herniated disc in my spine. Even after back surgery I still had chronic pain that affected my daily life. A family member recommended Van Every Family Chiropractic Center to me and not really believing in Chiropractic care I reluctantly scheduled an appointment. After a month of frequent visits my back pain was for the most part gone. I stayed on a maintenance program getting adjusted once a month and noticed that other things I’ve dealt with such as depression, sleeping (insomnia), and headaches due to sinus problems all improved as well. I have since had a baby and have had her adjusted regularly throughout her infancy and as a toddler and she has never had an ear infection. Dr. Anna Saylor uses KST (Koren Specific Technique) to adjust us and I love how gentle it is. I highly recommend Chiropractic and especially Van Every Family Chiropractic Center to anyone with medical issues and who want to prevent medical issues. Live in the optimum health you can and make an appointment with Van Every Family Chiropractic Center today, you won’t believe the difference!

~ Lisa H., Warren, MI

Before seeing the doctor I had problems sleeping. Almost immediately after my first appointment, I began to sleep through the night. I also started the see other benefits such as less headaches, and less tightness in my upper back and shoulders. The office is always super friendly and a pleasure to come into.

~ Noah B., Berkley, MI

Van Every Royak Oak LoriI am writing to pass on my experience with Dr. Saylor, her staff at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, and the KST (Koren Specific Technique).
I just finished my fifteenth visit with Dr. Saylor and it is so amazing what changes have taken place with my mind and body since my first adjustment. When I went in for my first visit, I was so tired, I mean completely run down. I had zero energy, I wasn’t sleeping well, and my hot flashes were out of control. When I tell you that I was miserable, please believe me, I was MISERABLE! One day, my girlfriend Stacy had mentioned to me that she twisted her back and that she was going in to see Dr. Saylor for an adjustment. She told me how much she LOVED Dr. Saylor AND her staff and that really got me intrigued. Stacy, knowing how horrible I was feeling every day, suggested that I go in and talk with Dr. Saylor to see if she could help me – Actually, because of her own experience, she was certain that Dr. Saylor could help me!
At that time, I had no idea that Dr. Saylor used KST, not the “normal” form of adjustments via, what I call, cracking. Of course, I had some doubts but I talked, well actually I cried, with Dr. Saylor, and she assured me that she could help me. And HELP ME is EXACTLY what she did. After just the first visit, it may a HUGE difference. I was so relaxed and that night, I slept like a baby. I hadn’t slept like that in years!! With every adjustment after that, I was gaining my energy back, my mind wasn’t so foggy, I was starting to laugh more and feel like my old self. And I was astonished that it didn’t take 6 months to feel better! I could feel the transformation and the strength that I was gaining.
I am amazed EVERY DAY at the change that has/is taking place on both the inside and outside of me!! These aren’t just words that I am saying, it has been my experience! I really wish that you could somehow feel how I was feeling before I started my adjustments (not that I would wish that on anyone) and how I’m feeling now… The difference is truly AMAZING!! I can’t describe in enough detail how BAD I felt before Dr. Saylor and KST and I can’t describe in enough detail how I feel today – I feel GREAT!!
I can tell you… No, I can promise you, that KST WORKS!! Dr. Saylor and her staff helped me and I know that they can help you too! Another promise that I can make is that I WILL continue my adjustments for the rest of my life because my health is my top priority and as the saying goes, I’M WORTH IT!!
THANK YOU to Dr. Saylor and her staff!! You are all so wonderful!!

~ Lori G., Clawson, MI

It is with pleasure that I testify regarding my health improving due to the care and treatment from Dr. Anna Saylor at The Van Every Family Chiropractic Center. I had pain in my back and hip, which Physical Therapy and pain medication couldn’t help, but even from the first visit I noticed pain relief and it has stayed away. I feel the need to maintain visits now to stay pain free; I can move and lift things that I couldn’t previously. The doctor really seems to care more about helping me, then she does about making money.

~ Charles S., Royal Oak, Michigan

I have sought chiropractic care before coming to Van Every Chiropractic Center. Besides trying other chiropractors, I also had surgery to help relieve my symptoms. I wasn’t sure if KST would make a difference. If you’re planning on trying it out, have an open mind, especially if you have attended a “Regular Chiropractor” before. The first adjustment is different or weird but the results are great. I had problems with my sinuses, pain in my shoulders and mid back on and off for about five years. Softball, baseball and volleyball aggravated it both during games and after. I felt like my pain was that of some one much older than I really was. I was feeling about 40. I couldn’t sleep on one side and it affected my hobbies, especially any water sports I wanted to participate in. I found the first visit informative, with out of the box thinking compared to regular chiropractic. It was much different than I expected. Afterward my back and shoulder spasms stopped and my sinuses cleared. By the end of the first month pains were gone and my allergies were not as bad. I was able to swim multiple days while on vacation. I feel stronger, more relaxed, am sleeping better and I can focus better too. I felt everyone at Van Every was very friendly, that the doctors were great and that I would recommend it!

~Timothy M., Madison Heights, MI