Melissa – Office Manager

I have been a patient at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center since 2000 and an employee since 2005. My son Aiden was born in May of 2007. The day after he was born he had his first adjustment!! He continues to be adjusted on a regular basis. Aiden had a lot of digestive problems as an infant and we discovered that he was allergic to milk, soy and wheat. At the time I got him adjusted about 2 to 3 times a week. It made a significant difference in his disposition. His colic stopped and his digestive system regulated. Aiden continues to get adjusted weekly with Dr. Saylor’s technique, KST. It is a non abrasive technique that Aiden loves. I feel so fortunate to have exposed my son to chiropractic care from birth. It has clearly contributed to his well being.

Denelle – New Patient Assistant

Hi my name is Denelle and I have been on Van Every’s team since 2008. I really enjoy working in an environment focused on healing. Personally I have been a fan of chiropractic since the 80’s. Chiropractic helps me manage the tension in my neck and back. Regular adjustments also help me manage my stress and sinus headaches, without medication. It simply keeps me in balance. My most profound KST adjustment occurred after a 48 hour food poisoning episode. I had very sore ribs and was aching everywhere. I can’t even explain how much better I felt after Dr. Saylor adjusted me. So I can attest that an adjustment can help you heal faster. We have a lot of pediatric patients in our practice. It is great to see chiropractic through the children’s perspective…they get it….they know when they are out and tell their parents when they need an adjustment. Some of our youngsters who practice sign language have made up a sign for an adjustment. I enjoy encouraging patients to keep on track with their health goals. It is really rewarding to see their progress. I love all things summer: water, sun, boating, and gardening. When the clouds come out, you can find me antiquing or shopping. I am a mother to a cockatiel, named Buddy whom I adopted in 2002 and spoil rotten and a chihuahua named Piquita who loves to come to the office.

Dawn – New Patient Assistant

Hi, my name is Dawn.  I am a wife and mother and one of the newest members of the Van Every Team. I am not only happy to be an New Patient Assistant but am also honored to be a patient at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center. Dr Saylor and the KST Technique have helped all of the members of my family, particularly my nephew, Tyler.
During the winter of 2014, he was involved in a horrific car accident in which he lost his right leg.  Dr Saylor has helped almost completely remove the phantom pains and is helping his body adjust to the use of a new prosthetic leg.  Tyler is proud to be a patient and continues to educate other people, particularly other amputees about the KST technique and how it has helped him move forward successfully.

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Marissa – Accounts Receivable Manager

I joined the Van Every team in March of 2014 but have seen Dr Saylor as a patient since 2012.  I love the gentle and precise adjustments that I receive with the KST Technique.  I have a wonderful husband and three noisy, amazing children, all of whom are patients as well.
Van Every Family Chiropractic is a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in which to work and it translates well into the friendly environment we create for our patients.

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Maureen – Doctor Assistant

I was lucky enough to join the Van Every team in May 2014.  My varied background in administration and office management has come in very handy given the fact that Dr Saylor has so many tasks for me.  I love being able to take some of the pressure off of her so she can focus on patients, and a tiny bit on herself. I am a Girl Friday and she definitely keeps me busy.
I learned about the KST Technique when I began working here and was able to receive treatments.  WOW!  I haven’t felt this amazing in years.  My son and daughter are also patients and the improvements in my son have astounded me.  He was sullen, depressed and even if he stood up ‘straight’ he was hunched and sad looking.  As a mother, I cannot thank Dr Saylor enough for helping him return to the happy, energetic kid I remember, and I think he’s at least two inches taller!

During my rare down time, I cook as my therapy, dance, sing, read and spend as much silly time with my kids as possible.

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Joyce – Chiropractic Assistant

I came to Van Every Family Chiropractic Center as a patient.  When I was given the opportunity to join the Team I was thrilled.

My husband won his first visit to Van Every in a raffle at a charity event.  After seeking treatment from many doctors and other chiropractors he was amazed by Dr Saylor. She adjusted him with KST and relieved years of hip, back and leg pain.  He hadn’t even been able to exercise or sleep comfortably.  Now Dr. Saylor takes care of both of us as well as our two children.  She helps the family combat issues with allergies, anxiety, migraines and more without medications.  It’s a pleasure to work as part of a team that affords families the ability to reach their health goals with a natural approach.

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Patrice – Chiropractic Assistant

I have been a fan of chiropractic since I was in college when I began experiencing neck and back pain.  I suspect this was the result of a swimming accident as a teenager in which I hit my head on the bottom of a pool.  I was in a neck brace and luckily didn’t end up paralyzed.

I began having my two kids adjusted by a chiropractor soon after they were born and my husband is a patient as well.  We discovered the KST technique and fell in love with it.  It’s gentle yet precise and I can honestly feel the difference immediately when my neck flares up.  Continued care allows me a full range of motion and helps keep anxiety and stress under control.  I am also learning about Do-Terra Essential Oils and am excited to add them to my health regimen.



Meet Our Massage Therapist!

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Heather, a Massage Therapist, has been a part of the wonderful Van Every Family since September 2002. She has a daughter named Kaitlyn born in 2006, and a Golden Retriever named Kenobi (yep Star Wars reference). Besides massage therapy, she loves music (especially the Beatles), traveling, and being a mom. Heather received her schooling at Carnegie Institute in Troy, and has taken additional training at William Beaumont Hospital to help broaden her knowledge. She specializes in Oncology and Hospital Massage as well as Reiki, which is an energy balancing technique.