New Office Hours March 1, 2016

Mon/Both Drs9 - 12:00p & 3 - 6p
Tues/Dr. Ashley10 - 1:30p & 3 - 7p
Wed/Dr. Saylor9 - 1:30p & 3 - 6p
Thurs/Dr. Ashley10 - 1:30p & 3 - 7p
Fri/Both Drs9 - 1:30p & 3 - 6p
Saturday9 - Noon. Call for dates

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Jim is a relatively new patient at Van Every Family Chiropractic. Recently diagnosed with Bells Palsy, he sought KST adjustments as part of his treatment plan. In the months he’s been with us, he’s seen vast improvement–and it’s happened in a lot less time then he expected! Watch below as Jim, Dr. Saylor and Jim’s daughter explain how quickly his Bells Palsy has transformed due to Chiropractic care.