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Give your baby the best possible chance to have a healthy life. You have your baby’s eyes checked, heart checked, hearing checked – bring all your children in for a chiropractic spinal checkup. A simple checkup now might make a BIG difference for your children for the rest of their lives.

April is AUTISM AWARENESS – Two events April 15th & April 21st, focusing on hidden causes and answers – more details under Events

Exploring the hidden causes behind ADHD, Sensory Processing, Autism, and Chronic Illnesses in Kids.

The quizzical look I see, when I tell parents I can help their child…Their first reactions is how in the world would Chiropractic help…


  • By understanding that the spine is the gateway which allows for proper communication between brain and body.
  • As a resource to assist in lifestyle modifications to enhance the nervous system balance.
  • Restoring balance to the nervous system and begin to activate the parasympathetic response in favor or sympathetic dominance by correcting subluxations (often seen in the upper neck region of children with ADHD, Sensory Processing, Autism, and Chronic Illnesses).
  • It minimizes biochemical degeneration and discomfort associated with postural dysfunction and repetitive traumas/motions from stimming or self-injurious behavior.
  • Decrease behavior related symptoms by reducing sympathetic dominance, while simultaneously increasing digestive and immune function though amplifying activity of the parasympathetic nervous systems.

Countless Causes

Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts can cause subluxation occurs when a misalignment and fixation with in the nervous system creates stress and tension, which causes a flight or fight response.


  • In-utero constraint (breech positioning, posterior)
  • Birth Injury (induction, forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section)
  • Physical Injury (repetitive falls, falls from high places)
  • Physical Stressors (baby carriers, extended back time)


  • In-utero (hormones, pharmaceuticals, ultrasounds)
  • Birth (vitamin K, steroids, antibiotics)
  • Food (formula/mother’s milk, introduction of foods)
  • Chemical Stressors (vaccines, bath products, cleaners)


  • In-utero (Mother’s emotions, Conception)
  • Birth (Separation, NICU)
  • Parenting (circumcision, cry it out, attachment)

Our solution – Balance the nervous system

Switching the nervous system from a fight or flight state to a rest and digest state.

  • We do not guess, we test using a Insight Subluxation Station.
    • Thermal Scan – The test enables us to determine what organs may be affected and the severity of the stress.
    • Surface Electromyograph (SEMG) – analysis of muscles and movements.
  • Restoring proper balance and alignment to the spine, will restore balance and function to the central nervous system via a chiropractic adjustment.

Does Your Child Have Pre-symptomatic subluxations?

Newborns Allergies Ear Infections Asthma Sports Colic Hyper-activity & Attention Deficit Disorders

These fabulous photos were taken in Van Every Chiropractic’s Children’s room.
You should see it in person!

Chiropractic care can start from the very beginning. Babies and mothers can benefit when the pregnant mother receives chiropractic care to ease the strain of weight gain and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Studies have shown that mothers who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy reduce their labor time by two hours.Newborn children are not too young for a spinal examination. The birth process, even today’s “natural” childbirth methods, can lead to a newborn’s first subluxation. Preliminary studies suggest that colic, unusual crying, poor appetite, ear infections, or erratic sleeping habits can be signs of spinal distress in newborns. Newborn adjustments offer gentle relief for the child and apply no more pressure than used to test the ripeness of a tomato.
Infants and children are just as susceptible to spinal injury and trauma as adults, perhaps even more so! Learning to crawl, walk, ride a bike, or play sports can produce so-called “growing pains”. Don’t wait until the child exhibits health problems to get them checked out. Ignored, problems can worsen becoming more difficult to correct in adulthood.Dr. Saylor has years of experience treating children with very gentle and safe procedures. Once your children see that chiropractic adjustments do not hurt and, in fact, are fun, they will enjoy visiting our office. Regardless of age or condition, a better working spine is good for your health. Share your chiropractic experience with others by starting with those you love.

Why, to stay healthy, of course. There are many times in a young life when an infant or child may be more vulnerable to subluxations: pregnancy, birth, when first holding its head up, when beginning to crawl and when learning to walk. Of course then comes childhood with all its opportunities to run, fall, crash and then get up to do it all over again. Make sure your child has every chance to live a healthy life. Bring your child in to make sure they are free from subluxations.Dr. Saylor’s baby girl was adjusted at the hospital the day she was born! Studies have shown that women who get adjusted throughout their pregnancies on average reduce labor time by 2 hours. Dr. Saylor enjoyed a comfortable, pain-free pregnancy, and had no typical problems associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness or a lack of energy.

You do so many things to ensure your baby’s health: during pregnancy you eat right; you avoid cigarettes, alcohol and all drugs (even aspirin, cold, flu and other over-the-counter medications can damage your unborn child or cause problems in pregnancy). You educate yourself so you may have a natural, drug-free birth. After the baby arrives you breast-feed knowing that is the superior form of nutrition; in short, you do everything you can to make sure your baby is healthy.But have you had your baby’s spine checked? How do you know if your child’s spine is healthy? An unhealthy spine can affect your child’s health for his/her entire life. Your doctor of chiropractic is specially trained to check your child’s spine for areas of distortion causing nerve damage – the vertebral subluxation complex (subluxations).With the birth process becoming more and more an intervening procedure, the chiropractic adjustment becomes even more important to the child’s future. – Larry Webster, D.C.

For over a hundred years doctors of chiropractic have observed the often dramatic responses of infants after chiropractic care. In fact, there seems to be no limit to the conditions that can respond to chiropractic care: colic, difficulty breast-feeding, Erb’s palsy (an arm is limp and undeveloped), torticollis (twisted neck), unbalanced face and skull development, foot inversion, “nervousness” and ear, nose and throat infections, allergies and sleep disorders, projectile vomiting and many, many other conditions.

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