Van Every Family Chiropractic asks, "Does your baby need a Vitamin K shot?"

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Hospitals like to administer a synthetic, fat-soluble vitamin K injection to all newborns that is 100 times the daily requirement! If a mother is not malnourished, however, there is no proof that there is a vitamin K deficiency.

The vitamin K shot includes carbolic acid (a poisonous substance distilled from coal tar), propylene glycol (used as an antifreeze and in hydraulic brake fluid), formaldehyde (a cancer-causing agent used to embalm bodies), mercury (the most poisonous naturally occurring element) and benzyl alcohol.

Large doses of vitamin K are linked to childhood cancers, leukemia, jaundice and other severe reactions, including death. Animal studies link vitamin K to liver damage, kidney damage and death. Additionally, synthetic vitamin K has never been studied to see if it causes cancer or impairment of fertility.

A Lancet study reports, “We conclude that healthy babies, contrary to current beliefs, are not likely to have a vitamin K deficiency … the administration of vitamin K is not supported by our findings….” (7)

7. Van Doorm JM, Hemker HC. Vitamin K deficiency in the newborn. Lancet. 1977;310(8040);708-709.

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